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Hire a helium tank and balloon party pack and DIY
DIY party packs makes event decorating a breeze. Great for birthdays, 21st, 40th, 50th, anniversaries and special events. Ideal for companies who want to save money and DIY.

Helium balloon tank hire with balloons - Party Pack 1

Party Pack 1. Helium balloon tank hire + balloons
Party pack 1 is perfect for the smaller birthday party or promotion. Everything is included in the pack and all you have to do is inflate, tie and attached curling ribbon. Job done!

Helium tank hire and balloon - Party Pack 2

Party Pack 2. Helium balloon tank hire + balloons
Party pack 2 is perfect for the medium size event. Just inflate balloons, tie and attach curling ribbons and repeat until finished. It's that easy!

Helium tank hire and balloons - Party Pack 3

Party Pack 3. Helium balloon tank hire + balloons
Party pack 3 is ideal for company promotions and give-away printed balloons. Everything is included (helium tank with regulator, balloons, cut curling ribbons and scissors. All you have to do is inflate, tie and attached curling ribbon.

Information about helium tank hire

4 day hire
Helium tank hire is for 4 days and a bond is required to ensure the safe return of the helium cylinder and regulator in good condition. If the cylinder or regulator is damaged this may result in the forfeit of, or part of your bond. Bond is refundable or return of tank hire.

How to transport a helium tank safely
Your helium tank is supplied with a regulator. Never leave a regulator on a helium tank in transporatation. Helium cylinders need to be secured whilst in transit and onsite. It is your responsibility to make sure your helium tank is safe and secure. Always hand tighten the regulator, do not use a spanner.

Is helium gas safe?
Helium gas (or balloon gas as it is known) is non toxic and non flammable. However, it is dangerous to breath in this gas from the cylinder or balloons. A helium tank should never be left unsupervised around children and young adults.

Helium balloon float times
Latex balloons will float for 10-15 hours depending on climate and foil balloons will stay afloat for at least a week. It takes one person approximately 1 hour to inflate 100 balloons.


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